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Fersiwn Gymraeg|English Version
Tafarn y Fic, Llithfaen, Pwllheli, Gwynedd
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The History of Tafarn y Fic

Tafarn y Fic Venture...

During the 1980s the pub came under threat from the brewery that did not foresee any future for it as a pub in a quarrying village that had seen better days. It was then that the villagers stepped into the breach and purchased the building in order to keep it open.

At the turn of this century, the Management Committee sought out Objective One grants in order to transform the building. “There were not enough resources in the pub to be able to make a living. The building itself had deteriorated too, and it had to be completely transformed if we were going to keep it open” said Gwyn Plas. After persevering for years, an acceptable plan was drawn up and sufficient funds were secured to carry out the building work.

In November 2004, the doors of the now transformed Tafarn y Fic were opened for the first time. After all the titivation, re-roofing and construction of a huge extension, the pub was ready to welcome the community once more, and it was by now three times its original size. A very important element of the scheme is the Community Room, including computer equipment, which can hold a number of events. The kitchen and disabled facilities are also important developments to enable the venture to continue and prosper in the future.

“The Fic is still a village pub, but it is also a restaurant which attracts people from far and wide, and also continues with the tradition of being a pub that offers all kinds of Welsh entertainment to the area” said John Llyfnwy.

Instead of being a tenanted pub managed by the directors, the Venture now manages itself, with all the profit being given back to the community. It is Cwmni'r Fic's hope that the business will be a key employer in the village in the future, with all kinds of activities and events being attracted there as a result of the resources the pub has to offer.