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Fersiwn Gymraeg|English Version
Tafarn y Fic, Llithfaen, Pwllheli, Gwynedd
Phone us on01758 750473    eMail us atswyddfa@tafarnyfic.com

Welcome to the Tafarn y Fic website

Tafarn y Fic in Llithfaen, Pwllheli, GwyneddWelcome to the website of Tafarn y Fic, a Welsh community pub in Llithfaen, near Pwllheli.

In 1988, a number of people from the Llithfaen area formed a co-operative company and raised capital to purchase Tafarn y Fic. Since then, it has grown into a social Welsh pub providing a variety of entertainment in the Welsh language and offering employment locally.

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A real taste of Wales at Tafarn y Fic - a Welsh Community Pub.

“The breath of life within its walls – tomorrow
looms large in its cellars,
continuity in its sails,
and springtime fills its barrels.”"
Myrddin ap Dafydd
“Ancient talents regale us – old Welsh folk
Sing in their own language,
In a strong and welcoming wave;
A tipple, and entertainment.”
“As an itinerant poet does,
I’ve sung in many places;
The best place in the world for me:
The Fic – I sing its praises.”
Twm Morys

Welsh Assembly Government LogoFacebook logoThe Tafarn y Fic venture was supported by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Enquiries? Phone us on 01758 750473 or eMail us at swyddfa@tafarnyfic.com.

Thanks for visiting the website ~ we hope to see you soon at the Fic.